Basil. leaves
Eucalyptus, leaves
Gentian, roots
Liquorice, roots
Marjoran, leaves
Olive, leaves
Oregano, leaves
Peppermint, leaves
Rosemary, leaves
Sage, leaves “Officinalis”
Savoury, leaves
Spearmint, leaves
Thyme leaves “Extra-Fancy” 0,5 % Oil
Thyme leaves “Extra-Fancy” 1% Oil
Thyme leaves “Fancy” 0.5% Oil
Thyme leaves “Fancy” 1,0 % Oil
Thyme leaves “Extra-Fancy” 1,5 % Oil
Uvae Ursis, leaves
• All the products can be prepared whole, cut, granules and powder form, and/or steam sterilized.